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BOXCO Dual Door Enclosure

Product Detail Information

Assembly of Dual doors kits

Feature of Product

  1. Luxury design
  2. Easy to assembling kits
  3. Strong construction with Door frame, supports, Hinge, Handle, Door Panel
  4. Soft opening & closing the dual door

Model and standardized list

Dual door applicable model PRODUCT MODEL
SIZE MODEL Dual door kits
(Frame,Support,Hinge,Handle included)
Mounting Plate of Dual door
W * L * H
(Unite :mm included cover)
200×300×130 BC-(X)(X)P-203013 BC-F203013 BC-FA2030
200×300×150 BC-(X)(X)P-203015 BC-F203015 BC-FA2030
200×300×180 BC-(X)(X)P-203018 BC-F203018 BC-FA2030
250×350×150 BC-(X)(X)P-253515 BC-F253515 BC-FA2535
200×350×180 BC-(X)(X)P-253518 BC-F253518 BC-FA2535
280×280×130 BC-(X)(X)P-282813 BC-F282813 BC-FA2828
280×380×130 BC-(X)(X)P-283813 BC-F283813 BC-FA2838
300×300×150 BC-(X)(X)P-303015 BC-F303015 BC-FA3030
300×300×180 BC-(X)(X)P-303018 BC-F303018 BC-FA3030
300×400×150 BC-(X)(X)P-304015 BC-F304015 BC-FA3040
300×400×180 BC-(X)(X)P-304018 BC-F304018 BC-FA3040
350×450×160 BC-(X)(X)P-354516 BC-F354516 BC-FA3545
350×450×200 BC-(X)(X)P-354520 BC-F354520 BC-FA3545
400×500×160 BC-(X)(X)P-405016 BC-F405016 BC-FA4050
400×500×200 BC-(X)(X)H-405020 BC-F405020 BC-FA4050
400×600×230 BC-(X)(X)H-406023 BC-F406023 BC-FA4060